Seeds- Saving & Sharing

Saving seeds has many benefits. You can save money from buying seeds.  You can collect seeds from the wild and friends.  You can know the skill of growing food from seed.  After several years of successful seed collecting, the species will start to adapt to your specific conditions changing the DNA and the gene expression.   Many seeds are edible themselves or can be sprouted.

Openly pollinated species are valuable because the species is used to propagating naturally, versus manual pollination or genetic engineering.  This means the species will be able to produce good quality seeds year after year, for most vegetables.  The title heirloom is given to genetic strain of a vegetable with genetics that have not been modified by genetic engineering or earlier breeding techniques.   Most heirloom varieties have genetics that have been fairly unchanged for centuries. Here is an Oregon seed company, highly regarded by many. Here is a California seed company, very nice selection. Here is a Non-profit seed exchange. Saving heirloom seeds How to Save Heirloom Seeds

We highly recommend you to look up the specific species you are working with.  For instance with tomatoes, search saving tomato seeds.  Different species have different requirements for their propagation.