Garden- Ground to Storage

It is all about food.  It is impossible to separate yourself from your food.  You are apart of the same ecosystem.  The human is an essential factor in the productivity and health of an ecosystem.  A major focus of Home Grown Ecosystems is growing your own ecosystem at home.  This is more then just a garden; we are what we eat, but we are also what we think, feel and act.

Grow a Garden-  Here is Why & Why Now—

  • Food- It’s the Food of Life
  • Food- without it, life would be impossible.
  • Healthy vegetables & herbs in abundance for you & yours
  • Supplement your food; reduce your expense
  • Recycles your organic waste into compost for your garden
  • No carbon/energy foot print; no driving,  pick up or distribution costs
  • Community Gardens; meet, cooperate & share with neighbors
  • Good exercise and diversion to positive action
  • We need to be responsible for ourselves
  • Everyone must become an eco-entrepreneur
  • This is the Great Correction; not just depression or recession
  • Last Depression lasted over 10 years; ending with World War II
  • Those with gardens did better during the 1930s Depression
  • Food will supplement Food Stamps, etc
  • Food to share with needy & disabled
  • Re-skill the people to work with the land
  • Follow the cycle of nature; prepare now.
  • Food is the basis of all economies.
  • Food determines the affluence of a society.
  • Food availability determines social stability.
  • Food is the foundation of wellness and healthcare.
  • Empires fall for lack of food.
  • Wars are about getting resources; usually land to grow food.
  • Revolutions occur for lack of food, not political philosophy.
  • Ecological problems always affect the food chain.

There are hundreds of books and videos that would be great to help you learn, and you should pursue what ever you feel you want of need to read or watch.  Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades is a great book for our region.  Sub pages under Garden page have many related Gardening Links.