Home Grown Ecosystems

Home Grown Ecosystems, LLC (HGE) is a Triple Bottom Line Company: People, Planet & Profit.  We are ‘Millennial Entrepreneurs’ supported by ‘Successful Boomers’ to manifest the vitality & abundance God intended for everyone.

We started our Permaculture Homestead on 5 acres, in 1979 as a Software Farm.  We have supplied the local market with Veggie and Herb Plants since 1999.  We have been a licensed Medical Cannabis business since 2002, CannabisAngels.com

During this time of Pandemic, Inflation, Food Shortage, Climate Change and Civil Disorder, we are helping people to thrive in the ‘Great Reset’.   We focus on helping you get what you need to have a better future.

We are expanding our Structure, Gardening and Permaculture Services for business and home.  We share our experience and knowledge to help you improve your Homestead.

Homestead Services

Cannabis Gardening- We help Personal and OMMP  Growers grow Strains with THC and/or  CBD, as  Inhalant, Edible and Tropical form.
Edible Gardening- We help your Vegetable, Fruit and Herbs Gardens become more productive.
Permaculture Landscaping-  We help build a environmentally designed  landscape that water resources management that develops sustainable and regenerative and  habitat from natural ecosystems.

Structure Services

Greenhouses- We can build a Patio Cover, Lean To Cover or Hoop House use all year.
Raised Beds- We can build Raised Beds off your Garden and Patio.
Fencing & Gates- We can build Homestead Fencing and Gates for your property and animals.

Nursery Plants

Veggie & Fruit Starts
Culinary Herbs
Medicinal Herbs

If you have questions or we can help, phone or text me at:

Benjamin 503-523-9765